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What to expect

If you are coming for a face-to-face session, we will be working outside.

This is for everyone’s safety and because it works best for the dog.

So please wrap up to stay warm and dry.

If the weather is really challenging, we can also work in a well ventilated and heated shed.


Please note that we may not get your dog out of the car on your first session. The most effective way for me to help your dog is to work first with the humans.  If we understand why our dog is doing the unwanted behaviours. what dogs need to succeed, and if we get our bit right, the dog behaviour can change completely. The trick is in training us humans first.  And then you take homework with you to practice with your dog.  Step by step.


I’ll be explaining why your puppy or dog is behaving the way it is. And we’ll be learning about the key difference between humans and dogs. We’ll be considering what your dog needs in order to relax, feel safe, and get things right. And how you can provide this for your dog. You will have got lots of things right for your dog - and there may need some things changing between you both in order for you and your dog to succeed at a new level together.


Of course, there will be a time for practicing together with your dog during the sessions.

On line or in person - all we have to do is teach the humans:

  • to help you understand why your dog is doing behaviours you may not want

  • to get you up to speed on your understanding and mastery of DOG

  • to give you homework and coaching to support you practice new things

  • to build on your successes with new knowledge and next practical steps


How do we meet?


We are having fantastic results when I work with the humans only.  Why online?  Because it may be more convenient for you – saving travel time, allowing more flexible appointment times, or because you live far away.

We know from many happy owners and dogs that working online is very effective.  All we have to do is teach the humans – getting you up to speed on your understanding and mastery of DOG, and helping you practice new things - and your four-legged friend will be enabled to get everything right for you.


How it works

I work with people for a course of five one-hour sessions, which costs £500.

Subsequent lessons if you need them, available on a one-off basis, as and when you’d like.

How to pay

Bank transfer as follows:


Judith Ann Comer-Calder

Sort code: 40-05-05

Account number: 61072692


£500 for the original one to one course.

payable by the time of the first consultation.


Please give your dog’s name as reference on the bank transfer.


Thank you.


If you need to rearrange a booking I ask for 48 hours notice.



Find me in Devon

(Ask me if you want old fashioned written instructions)


You will need the Google Maps app (only this one will bring you here)

Type in “The Devon Dog Lady” and it will bring you here.


Or click here

When you arrive, you may have to drive a few more yards to find the entrance to the drive with The Devon Dog Lady sign.

Please STOP on the lane and then go into first gear, and CRAWL straight up the drive very very slowly.

Follow signs for Deliveries and where you see the small wooden deliveries shed, turn left - ignoring the no entry signs. Please park a bit further up that track.

Please would you let me know you are here, and I will come out and meet you. If it’s chilly you may want to stay warm in your car.

Please leave your dog in the car for a moment.

Any problems finding me, please give me a call.


Telephone: 07967 735067

More to look at:

Check out two short videos showing how my dogs walk to heel and respond to me - even at feeding time!

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And also, for your friends in London…

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