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The Devon Dog Lady Dog Training

The Devon Dog Lady

Judy Comer-Calder


I help people with puppy and dog training and behaviour. In fact I don’t train dogs, I train people to understand and communicate with dogs.  This is the most effective way to help our dogs with any of their behaviour problems.


For the past 25 years I’ve been working with people and dogs to help owners understand dog’s needs, guide their dog’s behaviour and create the optimum environment for their dogs to thrive.  I set both sides up to succeed.  


My work comes out of a lifetime of living with, and loving dogs - and a great curiosity about what makes them tick.  Also, about what makes the human and animal relationship work - or not work.   I help explain the difference between human and dog psychology, human and dog communication and human and dog behaviour. 


We are not born with an understanding of ‘dog’.   It’s a miracle that both species manage to live together.  And this is where sometimes things can get complicated.


The good news is that once we understand ‘dog’, we can see why our beloved dog is behaving in a given way.  And see how we might have given our dog the wrong idea.  We clarify what we need to do differently. Then we make those changes – to transform both our behaviour and our dog’s - setting everyone up for success.

This is how we help our dogs feel safe, relaxed and get everything right. The changes are fast and long lasting for both humans and dogs.


My background is in human psychology and communication, and I have spent 40 years immersed in human and animal psychology and behaviour. Some people call me the ‘dog whisperer’.


My clients and their dogs continue to be my teachers, helping me with my life mission: to help humans and dogs to live together in harmony.


I offer nutritional advice for dogs and cats and run a raw food club from our small farm.


Feel free to call me to discuss your dog and you. I don't charge for a short phone consultation.

Learn to speak ‘dog’ and
transform your dog’s behaviour

Dog Training in Devon: The Devon Dog Lady

5 one to one sessions from £500

Available online or face to face - you get the same result
  1. Discover why your dog is behaving in ways you don’t want

  2. Learn how to understand your dog and speak its language

  3. Do things that make sense to your dog

  4. Enjoy your perfect dog

The Devon Dog Lady: Dog Training in a Devon field
“I can honestly say that Judy has changed our world together. My two year old Labrador and I were struggling together as I had total misconceptions of what was the best life for my dog.” 

- Linda Warren -

Walking the dogs and feeding - Judy style


Judy features regularly in national and local media 

Catch up with Judy and guests on Soundart Radio's The Dog Show 

Don't take my
word for it!


Judy Comer-Calder: The Devon Dog Lady

Judy is the most amazing woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have spent thousands of pounds on training schools in the last two years and only got so far with my Dobermann for reactive problems with other dogs. By accident I came across The Devon Dog Lady. With five lessons over five weeks Judy has shaped me into a confident leader for my Dobermann and she is now a calm happy dog with no aggression towards any dogs, it is truly amazing! I can now walk my dog anywhere I wish without bribing with treats or hiding behind cars. We have our freedom back thanks to Judy. Highly recommended.

from Natalie Titmus

Judy has fantastic knowledge to impart. After one online session, her wisdom of dog psychology had given us tools that transformed our dogs behaviour in one evening. I was absolutely blown away at the difference after such a short amount of time ! Thanks Judy !

from Lily Waugh

Judy has been fantastic for Reginald and I. After just 5 sessions there has been a huge improvement in his temperament with other dogs. Prior to our sessions, every walk was a nightmare and it had become nearly impossible to enjoy taking him out. Professional, great value, effective! Would highly recommend!

from Jake Darlison

Having got a new puppy I wanted to do things right so asked Judy for some advice. She was absolutely brilliant! Spoke about what I needed to do and all the reasons behind it, it made perfect sense and they way it was explained was so easy to understand. She really knows her stuff! It was quick and simple and all the little issues I had with the pup were gone. She’s now so well behaved and the stress is gone! I was able to see first hand how Judy is with her own dogs and it’s fascinating, she really knows their language! If you want quick results I’d definitely recommend her!

from Soph

Judy is an angel in disguise! We sought out help with our dog Jerry who we took ownership of at 10 months old. By 18 months old Jerry had developed leash aggression and even started to bark and jump at passing cars and random people. Judy has taught us how to turn all of these behaviours around using a simple leadership approach. We had to make some significant changes and at first we were apprehensive but we put our trust in Judy and it has paid off. Judy is a lovely, warm person with heaps of experience, she helped us to "think dog" and was supportive throughout the ups and downs of the process. We invested in 4 sessions and Jerry is back to being calm, chilled and enjoying his walks with us (his confident leaders) without the need to be "on guard" and feel the need to "protect us". I personally feel like I now have a better connection with Jerry and a much better understanding of his needs and in some ways a better understanding of my own needs which was a bonus gift! Absolute value for money.
If you have any questions or want more of a testimonial please reach out to Judy who will put you in contact with us.

from Joanne Whitton

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Let's have 15 mins on the phone for you to share with me your dog's behaviour and where you need help and I can make some suggestions for how I can help. I look forward to hearing from you.

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