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Dogs On Dartmoor: Do's and Don'ts

Enjoy Dartmoor with your Dog

How to stop your dog chasing sheep and get the best calm behaviour.


  • Let your dog off the lead during lambing and ground nesting times - between 1st March and 31 July.

  • Let your dog off the lead near Livestock -  There could be livestock round every corner.

  • Let et your dog off the lead just because YOU want the fun of seeing them ‘running free’

  • Assume your dog will be as biddable on Dartmoor as they are in a country lane.

  • Let your dog get a taste - or even one experience - of chasing livestock.

  • Let your dog out of your sight

  • Take any chances.


  • Know that a lead walk on Dartmoor or on any open land can be a very satisfying experience for your dog.

  • A lead walk will be helping teach your dog to be calm and stay with you.

  • A lead walk will strengthen your relationship with your dog.

  • A lead walk will be preparing your dog for walking to heel.

  • A long lead can help you practise walking to heel safely, and practise recall in this heightened environment.


Sometimes less freedom = more safety when you are around livestock.

Sometimes less freedom in very exciting environments = more success with your dog’s training and behaviour.

Please contact me if you would like help with your dog

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